10 ways to Design Creative Ads that can Sell

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November 19, 2018

10 ways to Design Creative Ads that can Sell

Design Creative ad that can sell

What is the difference between good creative advertising on the internet? And a quite striking question is offline and online creative advertising different? I think that creativity can be exploited in any area of life, so I would answer that it is not different from the creative point of view. If you find a way to hang on to get something different and interesting it does not matter if you are online or offline.


For all this I will show you 10 steps that will facilitate the creation of creative advertising on the Internet.

First of all it is necessary to clarify that to carry out a creativity in the advertising field you have to know the product perfectly, its environment, news and trends and what the competition does. So in the online environment too!

So, what should we be clear about doing creative advertising on the Internet? Take a look at these 10 steps:


We need to be interactive

Undoubtedly and for many years the traditional media have carried out advertising strategies. These have played an important role in the corporate communication platform. But the era in which we live is characterized by the massive participation by the consumer abandoning the figure of the simple spectator. In this way the current market is established through bidirectional communication between brands and consumers.


You have to customize the user / consumer

One of the key points in the world of marketing is to make the customer feel like the only consumer. This creates value for them as they feel valued by the brand. To achieve these objectives it is necessary to study the consumer, know what he wants and what he looks for in a product. Customizing your target brings a large financial outlay and that is in exchange for time. But if you have the courage to adapt to this strategy, you are assured of some results such as consumer satisfaction, increased sales and the possibility of customer loyalty.


You have to use the appropriate and timely format

To make creative advertising you need to adjust to the medium in which you expose yourself. So the format you choose should be adapted to different devices. Therefore it is ideal that all your advertising content is responsive. (This is essential for any creative advertising strategy on the internet, do not forget it). Some of the most effective formats are Mailing, Social Ads (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram). SEM, Retargeting online (personalized web ads for each group of consumers for their clicks). Display (Banners, pop-up, etc.) and Classified Advertisement (Craigslist, Backpage, Kijiji), is one of the best formats for creative advertising on the internet.


You have to make users feel identified

We have to be clear that right now creative advertising on the Internet has more to do with people than with companies and their markets. Through the stories and the impactful messages of each campaign you make the consumer want to share your spots and therefore share your values in one way or another. In this way you make yourself feel identified with the brand to the consumer, and start selling lifestyles. Creative advertising on the internet has to sell the experience when consuming your product and not its functionalities.


Create a story, a content that can be shared

The stories your brand tells should be eye-catching, entertaining and integrate elements that lead to public reflection. Something incredible happens, something that touches people and tells stories. Although we are in a digital age, in creative advertising we go to many formats to reach the target audience. But not necessarily the technological or digital is what makes brands, but the simple narrative with a single goal: to reach the hearts of consumers.


If you get the user to participate, you have it done!

If you use the right format and get to interact with your potential audiences, you have a lot of work done. Even so, you still have to give your clients a voice and make them feel they are participating in the campaign. This path is the most effective without any doubt to empathize with your company.


Have fun and interest

Entertainment is something obvious and necessary in creative advertising. But it is not as easy as it is thought to create content that calls the consumer’s interest. You have to give the coconut for a period of time to build unique and striking ideas to the public’s senses. Good humor has great weight in this section!


Give a utility to what you sell, that will serve for something in the user’s life

To share moments with your customers and consumers it is very important to offer a useful service for them. From campaigns with impact on social aid as some banks do, or through campaigns that give a plus to the product as in the case of automotive brands. In the case of Fiat, he created a campaign to encourage adoption of homeless dogs. And the future of advertising is in creating useful and real campaigns that sell.


It must be clear what the benefit is

Without any doubt your campaign has to show the strong points of the product, it is something essential. But the key is to present the qualities of the product. All this in a shocking way that detonates in the mind of the consumer. It is not always good to communicate several benefits at the same time, but it would be great to communicate the great difference of your product over all. Although it does not always have to be that way.


Taking care of the consumer is key to get easier to him

To conclude this spring of advice to make good creative internet advertising, it is worth mentioning that customer service has an infinite weight to attract customers. As for the participation and interactivity of the public with your brand, it is really essential to deal with the client in an educated way, to keep him informed at all times and to always give him more than what they expect. So your experience will be unique and will stay with you. The success of your business depends on the recurring users.

In short this post can help you to have the clearest ideas when facing your business in the digital market. Creative advertising is the key to your brand’s success.


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