8 Beauty TIPS to take care of Oily Skin

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8 Beauty TIPS to take care of Oily Skin

Oily skin care tips

I have always heard that oily skin ages later when it is always hydrated by the fat generated by your sebaceous glands.

Although you could say that this is one of the few advantages it has, the truth is that excess sebum does not guarantee that the skin is always hydrated and does not need specific products that hydrate it. A skin can be oily and dehydrated.

In addition, the problem of oily skin is also often accompanied by enlarged pores, pimples and blackheads and, therefore, to improve their appearance and control their symptoms should take into account, some given advice are:

1.  The most important thing. If your skin suffers acne, consult before using any cosmetic product with your dermatologist, he better than anyone knows what your skin needs after making a diagnosis about it.

2. Sleep the hours you need, it is essential to rest well to show a healthy and brighter skin.

3. Cleaning both in the morning and at night is essential but in oily skin it is even more so.

For this, it is convenient to use a specific product for this type of skin, ideally with circular movements and a lot of hydration, also at the time of clarification.

It is recommended not to use soap, as it can further dry our skin (I usually use micellar waters of brands).

4. After cleaning, an astringent tonic to try to reduce excess fat, as well as to prevent pores and other impurities from forming.


Skin Care


5. Make regular use of masks , always on clean skin and without reaching the half hour after application.

Also some peeling from time to time, as the simplest way to eliminate dead cells.

6. Take care of your diet , choosing fruits, vegetables, low-fat meats (ideally
white like chicken or turkey) and lots of fiber. No food based on refined sugar, alcohol or red meats.

7. You have to be very meticulous about hygiene. Try not to touch your face with dirty hands and always keep them clean when applying any cream, lotion or tonic.

Do not touch the pimples if you do not want to cause inflammation and subsequent infection or appearance of impurities (this is difficult but you have to avoid it at all costs).

8. Practice exercise whenever you can, its importance for the skin is demonstrated, especially aerobic, because sweat helps to eliminate toxins and maintain a healthy weight, it is always positive for its elasticity and smoothness.

What do you think of these tips?

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