Keyboard Repairing Tips by Computer Repair Shop in Fort Lauderdale

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Keyboard Repairing Tips by Computer Repair Shop in Fort Lauderdale

Keyboard Repairing Tips

The keyboard in one of the devices that fulfill a very important function, since it is a necessary component to interact with our computer, therefore it is convenient that we analyze a little its operation and the correct way to solve the conflicts that may arise with the same.

As a Computer Repair Expert i am going to drop some knowledge soo pay attention to the ones that I am going to explain you will know the basic functionality of the keyboard and you will learn to solve the problems that can be presented with the keyboard in an effective way.

A keyboard is a set of switches that are connected to a microprocessor, which monitors its correct operation; these usually have four types of keys:

  • Of writing
  • Function
  • Of control
  • Numeric

Its operation is governed by the microprocessor and control circuits, each key when pressed closes a circuit, these are detected by the microprocessor and go to the ROM of the keyboard where the character maps associated with each key are located.

Their faults are very evident, since we can easily evidence them, but the most important thing before going to repair it is to consider if it is better to acquire a new one or repair it.

This will depend on the cost of the unit that presents the fault, in certain cases the repair will be more expensive than buying a new unit.


But the most recommended procedure is the following:

To solve the faults that may occur with a keyboard, it is best to start performing a preventive maintenance of it:

The preventive maintenance that is performed on a keyboard basically consists of external cleaning with special cleaning cream for work with computer equipment, since it accumulates a lot of dust due to the environment and for the use of the users.

In addition you can flip the keyboard down in order to expel accumulated impurities.

If there is a problem with any special key, you can remove the key cover and apply contact cleaner inside the switch.

It can also present failures with the contact cable that can be damaged or have cuts generating that you lose communication with the equipment, in this case you must disarm the keyboard and remove the cable that is usually connected to the board, and then verify if it is cut, we could repair it by cutting the cable and welding it, another alternative is to get a new one and put it back on the keyboard.

In case the failure persists, once the maintenance activity is done, it is recommended to acquire a new one, verifying that the device (keyboard) is adapted to the type of connector that our computer has.

If you perform the procedure that I just gave you, you will most likely be able to detect and repair the faults that may occur with your keyboard the next time it happens.



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