Turn your house into the most terrifying place in the neighborhood on Halloween with these 10 ideas and proposals to decorate on Halloween.

Monster Footprints:

With a marker, draw a fingerprint on a large sponge. Crop the footprint Pour washable paint in a pot.

Soak the sponge in the paint and mark with the sponge the footsteps from the sidewalk towards the main door for visitors to follow.

Turn over the sponge to paint the footprints of the other foot.

Green Pumpkins:

A good idea is to sculpt green peppers like lanterns. We can make a row, and even try also red and yellow peppers, and form an army of terrifying faces to receive the goblins at the door. They never recover from fright!

Little Ghosts:

Little Ghosts (Halloween Decoration ideas )

Crumple tissue paper into a ball and place it in the center of another piece of tissue paper. Lift the corners of the smooth paper and curl around the ball. Tie a rolled strip or piece of ribbon around the ghost’s neck and draw a face with a marker. They can be hung around the house. You can also stick and prepare a black hat and a layer of colored paper to make a witch.

Horrible & Evil Wizards:

  • Cut out the lid of a milk carton.
  • Cover the cardboard with black cardboard and stick it on the back with adhesive tape.
  • Cut a strip of white paper about 8cm wide and stick it around the black cardboard at the top.
  • Draw the scary face of a witch on white paper. Paste a little thread to make the hair.
  • Make a cone shaped witch hat with black paper and stick it on top.
  • Cut your arms and hands on white paper and your feet on black paper and glue them to the witch.
  • Stick an ice cream stick in one of the witch’s hands.
  • Cut two small pieces of yellow paper and cut some fringes at the lower end of both. Stick one on each side of the ice cream stick to make the broom.
  • We can give a witch to each friend if we have a Halloween party.

Flying Ghosts:

Start with a piece of gauze 1,80m long and 90cm wide. Place a balloon filled with white helium in the middle of the tissue and gather the gauze around the balloon loosely. Draw a hideous face on the gauze with a marker. We can put several ghosts in a box, so that when someone opens it, the ghosts come floating in the air and scare everyone. We can also put them in a row in front of an open window or a fan and see how they float and move smoothly in the air.

Disgusting Spider Webs:

Cut some 1.30m long ribbons and stick them to the ceiling. We will need a very poorly lit room. Just before the victim arrives we can moisten the strips with water. When people come walking to the area of ​​wet and slimy strips, they rub on their foreheads and they will be scared.

Parts of the Human Body:

This is a good decoration for a room with dim lighting. We can have several cubes with pieces of members to frighten our friends. We can cut several sausages with the proper length so that they look like amputated fingers. Cook some noodles and spaghetti with blue and red coloring to look like veins. A group of chives swaying in a bowl will look like eyes. We can also fill a red balloon with hot water, spread strawberry jam and invite our friends to touch a brain.

Bones that Creak under the Feet:

In 10 ideas for Halloween, sprinkle pieces of dry bread and crackers under a rug. When the guests walk on the carpet it will sound like they are stepping on eggs.

Sound Effects:

We can record several terrifying sounds and play them during the party. A large sheet of metal or cardboard can make thunder. Pouring raw rice on a baking tray we can make the rain. Wrinkle a handful of cellophane for the crackle of the fire. Add a few shouts of homegrown. Cut carrots in half to get the sound of bones that break. Shake a plastic bag in front of the microphone to make the sound of the bats. Blow gently with a straw inside a bowl of liquid to achieve the sound of a swamp. Search the whole house and garden for a hinge that squeaks and record it before someone greases it.

Lighting at the Halloween Party:

When we have everything illuminated with such a dim light it is a good idea to put some reflective tape on the exits. Black light bulbs always give a good effect, especially if we disguise ourselves as a skeleton. This is one of the best 10 ideas for Halloween


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