The requirements to run a successful business today include viral marketing to expose your business to the target audience, a website that serves as an office to welcome and offer sales platform for visiting internet users, live chat support or service that will respond to a customer inquiry in good time and provision of quality products. These requirements will help any kind of business, in any region and place in the world to grow and expand while being competitive over others. This is a new order template and it is supported by clients and customers that want comfortable and easy service or product delivery. Many business owners have argued about the better option between live chat services and phone calling service as a means of communicating between clients and the business support representative. It came according to a report by Econsultancy, it was reported that about 79% of customers wanted live chat service as a form of communicating with corporate support representatives while a few wanted phone calling service. You may ask why customers chose live chat over phone calling service but the reasons are numerous and well elucidated below.

Fast & Rapid:

The language of this present generation is speed and quality. Clients and customers patronizing service and products of various businesses want the best quality delivered at the fastest means a possible and very business that will survive the competition must work by this principle. Placing a call to a customer support representative takes more time than clicking to chat representatives and this a reason for their choice. 


Freedom is of high price and customers and clients want it at all costs. Spending time on the phone calling customer care representative is considered as an exercise that stiffens their freedom to do other things like continue chatting with friends or colleagues or doing other important things. Customers do not need to be so much attention while chatting unlike during calls and these all come together to form the opinion that makes them prefer live chat services than phone calling options. 

Lesser Pressure

Phone calling is known to put a measure of pressure on customers and clients to respond and answer questions asked by the customer representative. This is mostly felt by many customers as they may behave forgotten what to say at the time or may not even have the answers to the question handy at the moment. Live chat services like DOS ensure that customers have enough time to think and respond without feeling any pressure. 

The chance for more Questions:

From a relaxed mind that feels no pressure, there will be a higher chance to ask more questions from the business support on live chat than on phone calls that are counting the cost and probably time. This is another reason customers choose the live chat option. 

Save Cost:

On a global scale, some companies and businesses do not offer a toll-free customer support calling line that ensures that no client is charged for placing a call over to them. This reality makes it extremely difficult for customers to spend money making a request when they can do live chat free. This is a major reason buyers love to use live chat services than phone calling services. 


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